Our Purpose
We always start with “why”…

Go.Love.Coffee. Roasting Company exists to help provide financial sustainability for the work and ministry of LifeLine Toledo  in the city of Toledo. In short, LifeLine works to create organic spiritual community, particularly including people who are often excluded from community life, and to collaborate with others to help lift the city out of poverty.

We create the “what”…

Go.Love.Coffee. Roasting Company is a small batch craft coffee roastery that is structured to mobilize participation, inclusion, and empowerment to produce lasting sustainability for LifeLine Toledo, not dependent upon traditional means of fundraising. It is a model focused on sustainability from within, through work, similar to monastic models of centuries ago.

We work out the “how”…

Go.Love.Coffee. Roasting Company functions as a grassroots social enterprise that makes it possible for LifeLine Toledo members to participate in the life of the community through work.  It focuses on missional partnerships as its primary means of distribution and revenue generation, and on community members participating in production and distribution processes. 

What exactly is LifeLine Toledo?
LifeLine Toledo focuses on building community by bringing people together through community dinners, micro churches, poverty immersion experiences and other means of connecting people – all people – connecting at the points of our common humanity.
LifeLine Toledo offers the opportunity for voice in every part of its work and ministry. Voice is the exercise of the gifts and creative expression of every person. In a world in which too many people are silenced, include the opportunity for voice in everything we do.
LifeLine Toledo believes in an embodied ethic that values the dignity of every human person, without exception. Our primary means of demonstration is through service, with particular emphasis on people living in poverty or otherwise on the margins of society.
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LifeLine Toledo seeks to use social enterprise to both financially sustain its community-building work and service in the city through enterprise rather than fundraising, and to empower people and neighborhoods for self-determination and personal autonomy. 
For more information about LifeLine Toledo and its work, visit our website:

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